Organic acids complex that enables a better control of digestive and caecal fermentations


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Product Details ORNIACID®

ORNIACID® is a organic acids complex that stimulates enzyme activity to improves a complete digestion. 

Acid salts slow down bacterial proliferations which cause fermentation in intestine and caeca.

La proportion of various acids allows to avoid a corrosive action on pipes.

Composition : Formic acid, sodium formate, lactic acid, propionic acid.

Directions :

Distribute 300 to 800 ml for 1000 l of drinking water (depends on water quality) during 1 to 2 days, and then 300 to 600 ml for 1000 l of drinking water during 3 to 8 days.

Monitor the consumption and the pH of water.

Packaging : 7 kg, 25 kg, 60 kg, 200 kg.

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