Organic acids and bioflavonoids complex that improves digestive comfort with bactericidal action


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Product Details BICIDAL®

BICIDAL® is a organic acids and bioflavonoids complex that allows to limit the bacterial proliferations at the origin of caecal and digestive fermentations and so to master the quality of droppings.

The association of bioflavonoids with the organic acids complex widens the action on GRAM- and GRAM + bacteria by weakening the cell walls. They thus allow a greater penetration of organic acids.

The proportion of various acids allows to avoid a corrosive action on pipes.

Composition : Lactic acid, formic acid, sodium formate, propionic acid and essential oils (bioflavonoids).


Distribute at the rate of 500 ml to 1 l for 1000 l of drinking water.

Packaging : 30 kg.

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