Privacy policy

General provisions

Synthèse Élevage is committed to a global approach to respect the confidentiality of personal data entrusted to it in the context of its activity, including through the means of collection available from its website .

As such, Synthèse Élevage undertakes to practice the exploitation of personal data in accordance with the directives of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data gathering

Are made available to users of the site, the following forms:

  • Customer account
  • Newsletter
  • Request information about the product
  • Contact form
  • Quick question form

In each case, the information collected through these forms is strictly minimized to the needs of understanding the requests and developing answers corresponding to the services offered. Outside of this context, no information is collected.
Synthèse Élevage does not collect sensitive personal data.

Data processing

The nature of the treatment reserved for the data collected from the site, is explicitly formulated on each page of collection.
The information communicated is not subjected to any other treatment except that indicated on the page of collection of the corresponding form. Synthèse Élevage does not perform any automated processing or profiling from the data entrusted to it. Synthèse Élevage does not subcontract the processing of personal data entrusted to it.

Data retention period

The retention period of personal data collected from the site is 1 year (12 months). This information is communicated on each page collecting information.
Personal data is deleted from our storage media no later than 1 year (12 months) after the date on which it was sent to us.

Sharing data

The personal data transmitted to us from the site, are used exclusively by Synthèse Élevage within the framework of the services offered and are not subject to any transfer to third parties.


A request for consent is associated with each page or form of the site, likely to collect personal data. This consent request is embodied by an opt-in approved button. All requests for consent are accompanied by a statement that informs the user to certify to be of age, and specifies the objectives of the data collection, the intended use, as well as the retention period of the information transmitted.
By activating the opt-in button of one of these forms, the user consents by this unequivocal gesture, in a free and enlightened way, to communicate his information for a strictly limited use to the corresponding informative mention.
Users are also warned, and the means are given to them on this same page, that they can at any time resume their consent, which would result in the erasure of their personal data by subtracting them from the treatment for which they were originally intended.
Users are also informed that if the opt-in buttons are not enabled, no consent will be recorded and no personal data will be transmitted.


The site is based on the e-majine management tool from the publisher Medialibs.

This manages cookies for logged-in users so that they can be recognized during their sessions.

We also use third parties for certain features (maps, videos, reCAPTCHA) which may deposit so-called "marketing" cookies in order to track your browsing and offer you personalized advertising.

The use of the site implies acceptance of cookies.


Synthèse Élevage, through its website, and more particularly regarding the personal data entrusted to it by its users, is very vigilant on the application of security.
The data flows that pass between the browsers of users, and the server site, are protected by encryption and secured with an SSL certificate. The CMS which propels and administers the contents of the website, is the subject of a continuous and corrective maintenance, to guarantee any flaws or problems of security. Finally, the data center and the server on which the Synthèse Élevage site is hosted, benefit from the best physical and software protections, permanent monitoring and monitoring. Users are informed that despite all the reasonable security measures implemented, Synthèse Élevage cannot rule out the possibility of a malicious intrusion on its server that could not have been thwarted. If this assumption were proven, Synthèse Élevage undertakes to inform the competent authorities within a maximum of 72 hours after the discovery of the breach following the intrusion, especially if the violation of personal data was established.

Exercise of rights

As part of the transparency and the procedures for exercising the rights of the person concerned, users of, who communicate or have provided us with personal information, are informed that at any time they may exercise their rights in the personal data held by Synthèse Élevage, which concerns them.
For this purpose, we put at their disposal on the site, the page "Exercise your rights". From this page, it is possible to apply for:

  • Resume consent, thereby asserting the right to limit treatment.
  • Request the erasure of his personal data, thereby asserting his right to be forgotten.
  • Request the rectification of his personal data, allowing to correct an anomaly.
  • Request the portability of its data.

As part of this procedure, users are invited to provide us with the necessary information to bring them closer to their stored personal data. Their requests are executed at the end of the process of verification of their identity, to which they are invited.

For any questions relating to the protection of personal data and the exercise of rights *

If you are a customer, a prospect of Synthèse Élevage or a user of the site, you can also send us your request by post to:

Synthèse Élevage
Personal Data Manager
Rue Marie Curie


* Concerning the requests carried out by postal way, limitation, erasure, rectification or portability on personal data concerning you, thank you to accompany your request by a proof of your identity: ex. copy of the national identity card.

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