Improves eggshell and sturdiness quality and improves embryonic development

Repromix 5L Doypack

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Product Details REPROMIX®

REPROMIX® strengthens eggshell quality. Thanks to a better mineralization of shell's building blocks, REPROMIX® limits fragility and micro cracks of egg.

REPROMIX® improves embryonic development. The full and massive intake of trace elements and vitamins, ensures a sufficient supply fot hatching eggs in order to provide a harmoniuos development of the embryo.

When distributed to layers, REPROMIX® provides a full and massive intake of trace elments and vitamins and so improves sturdiness quality.

Composition : Vitamins A, D3, E, copper*, zinc*, iron* (chelate of glycine, hydrated), BHA, BHT et propyl gallate.

Directions :

Broilers and layers : Distribute at the rate of 400 ml for 1000 l of drinking water, during 6 consecutive days.

Packaging : 1 l,  5 l.


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