Essential oils and plants extracts to improve breathing comfort for turkey

Broncosec dinde 5 L bidon

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Product Details BRONCOSEC® DINDE

BRONCOSEC® DINDE contains essentials oils of eucalytus and melaleuca, known for their antiseptic properties of the respiratory tract.

BRONCOSEC® DINDE contains echinacea and curcuma which stimulate the immune system.

BRONCOSEC® DINDE does not contain essential oil not palatable for turkeys.

Composition : Fluid extracts of echinacea purpurea, curcuma longa, equisetum arvense. Hydro-alcoholic extracts of capsium annuum. Essential oils of melaleuca alternifolia.

Directions :

Distribute continuously in drinking water at the rate of 1 to 1,2 ml for 10 kg live weight during 3 to 5 days.

Packaging : 5 l.

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