Organic acids complex for the acidification and digestive comfort


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Product Details ACIDOFLORE®

The original organic acids composition of ACIDOFLORE®  limits the development of pathogenic bacteria. The presence of lactic acid in the formula promotes the development of intestinal lactobacilli that play a role of competition against pathogenic bacteria. ACIDOFLORE® thus makes it possible to act positively on the technical performance criteria (GMQ and IC).

The favorable action of ACIDOFLORE® on the stomach pH, especially in piglets, favors the digestibility of proteins, phosphorus and calcium. During critical growth phases, the organic acids complex makes it possible to minimize the consequences of feed transitions by stimulating enzymatic secretions.

The proportion of different acids helps to avoid corrosive action on the pipes.

Composition : Lactic acid, formic acid, propionic acid sodium formate.

Directions : Incorporate 1 to 2 kg of ACIDOFLORE® for 1000 l of drinking water. Check the pH of the water and adapt the dose to obtain a pH upper or equal to 4.

Packaging : 25 kg, 60 kg.

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