Promotes rehydration of the piglet in case of digestive disorders


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Product Details RUBILAC®

RUBILAC® contains dextrose which is essential to provide energy to weak piglets.

By providing electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and chlorides), RUBILAC® helps retain water and maintain cell integrity.

Turmeric present in RUBILAC® promotes the digestive process, regulates the intestinal flora, reduces the risk of gastritis and ulcers, protects the liver, improves the digestion of fats and sugars and increases the secretion of bile.

RUBILAC® is a very palatable product, thanks to the presence of aromas, sweeteners and dextrose. It contains the essential trace elements for the growth of piglets: copper, zinc, manganese.

Composition : Dextrose, chlorides, sodium, potassium, manganese*, zinc*, copper*, fluid extract of turmeric longa.

*glycine chelate, hydrated

Directions :  Use in case of risk of digestive disorders (diarrhea), during and after them.

  • Piglets under the mother : Dilute 25 ml of RUBILAC® in 1 liter of water and distribute this preparation as the only source of watering during the first week of age
  • Piglets at weaning : dilute 10 ml of RUBILAC® in 1 liter of water and dispense this preparation for the first 2 days of weaning.

Packaging : 5 l.


Retrouvez RUBILAC® utilisé en maternité pour les porcelets en cas de défaut de lactation ou de tarissement précoce et en post-sevrage pour les porcelets les plus petits, sur notre chaîne Logo Youtube.

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