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Powdered disinfectant for animals drinking water

Hydrosept 5 kg_2017

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Product Details HYDROSEPT®

  • For organic farming

Chlorine powder stable and effective on hard water.

HYDROSEPT® is active on hard, iron-bearing or containing manganese waters.

Thanks to sequestrants already contained in the formulation, HYDROSPET® do not need stabilizer.

HYDROSEPT® can be used in organic farming according to the regulations (EU) 834/2007 and 889/2008.

HYDROSEPT® is certified by FR-BIO-01.

Composition : DCCNa dihydrate.

Directions :

  • Water trough and water bowser : 4 g of HYDROSEPT® per m3 of water give 2 ppm of active chlorine (1 measuring spoon). 
  • Chlorine pump : Use 400 g of HYDROSEPT® to constitute 100 l of stock solution. Let the product act during 30 minutes in order to obtain an optimal action. Control the active chlorine's level ultimately.

Packaging : 1 kg, 5 kg.

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