Powder disinfectant with sporicidal action


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Product Details VIRUGEN®+

VIRUGEN® is a powder disinfectant presenting :

  • VIRUGEN® is bactericidal at 0,25 % according to the standard EN 14349 (10°C, 30 mn, low-level soiling conditions)
  • VIRUGEN® is virucidal at 0,5 % according to the standard EN 16475 (10°C, 30 mn, low-level soiling conditions)
  • VIRUGEN® is fungicidal activity at 1,5 % according to the standard EN 16438 (10°C, 30 mn, low-level soiling conditions)
  • VIRUGEN® is sporicidal activity at 0,5 % according to the standard EN 13704 (10°C, 30 mn)

Composition : Monopersulfate of potassium, sodium dichloroisocyanurate.

Directions :

Prepare the disinfecting solution by diluting VIRUGEN® in the tepid water (15°C in 20°C). Wait 1 hour before using the disinfecting solution so as to obtain a perfect solubilization of assets.

  • Disinfection of surfaces : The recommended dose is 0,5 % to 1 % depending on the cleanliness of the surfaces (1,5 to 3 g of VIRUGEN®+ per m² of surface to be disinfected. Spray 200 to 400 liters of solution for 1000 m ² of surface to be disinfected, according to the porosity of the support. Time of minimal contact: 30 minutes.
  • By foam gun : Dilute 200 g of VIRUGEN®+ in 1 liter of tepid water. Introduce this solution in the reservoir of the foam gun. For abetter foam quality, add 60 ml of ALVIMOUSS and shake.

Particular precautions: dilute the powder in the water (do not make the opposite to avoid any risk of projection). Wear necessarily a complete mask with cartridge ABEK1 for the preparation and the spraying of the solution of VIRUGEN ®. In case of use of tepid water to solubilize the powder, not exceed(overtake) 35°C to avoid a massive release(clearance) of chlorine.

Packaging : 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg

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