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Keracid 5 l

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Product Details KERACID®

Intended for the hygiene of sows and boars, the composition of KERACID® allows to keep and/or to restore to the skin its acido-basic balance of protection (pH 4-5).

Composition : Surfactants.

Directions :

  • Foam gun : Dip animals at the tepid water with a low-pressure jet then apply a solution to 50 % of KERACID® (1 l of KERACID® with 1 l of water in the reservoir of the foam gun), by insisting on the dirty zones. Let act during 5 minutes before rinsing with the low-pressure jet.1 l of KERACID® allows to clean 10 animals.
  • To the hand : Dilute 30 ml of KERACID® in 1,5 l of water and apply on the animals.

Packaging : 5 l.


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